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Systema Corporation specializes in improving the performance of sales organizations. Clients have frequently described us as their competitive edge and silent partner.

In partnership with our clients' sales management teams, Systema provides a variety of proven tools to identify and correct root causes of underachieving sales performance. We have successfully applied these techniques for more than three decades, empowering hundreds of leading companies to sell more effectively in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Systema Offers:

  • Behavioral assessments for benchmarking and developmental needs identification
  • Feedback processes to understand assessment results
  • Development planning and resources for the shared needs of sales organizations and the unique needs of individuals
  • Accountability coaching and web-based planning, communication and tracking
  • Repeat assessments for tracking changes relating to business results

Systema has a proprietary database generated through thousands of interviews conducted for over thirty years. We not only know how to acquire the information, we know how to use it in positive and productive ways that increase sales.

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