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If you are responsible for the performance of a sales organization whether it is three people or three thousand, we want Systema Corporation and its website to be a resource to you in helping maximize both the performance and effectiveness of your sales organization. Take your time to learn about our services and read Viewpoints for tips you can use everyday. Come back often.

Thank you,

 Jack R. Snader 

President & Chief Executive Officer

Viewpoints, from Systema

offers information for sales and management performance improvement. In addition, Viewpoints outlines strategies for increasing the ROI of sales and management development programs. Add yourself to our Viewpoints mailing list at the bottom of the page.

Articles from Viewpoints

  1. Profiles in Sales Management - Coaching Through a Slump - More>
  2. Profiles in Sales Management - Coaching Without Game Films - More>
  3. Listening is a critical skill - The Art of Good Listening - More>
  4. Profiles in Sales Management-Part I: Rep Turnover - More>
  5. Profiles in Sales Management-Part 2: Rep Stagnation - More>
  6. Profiles in Sales Management Part 3: Rep Demoralization - More>
  7. Profiles in Sales Management- Part 4: Rep Resentments - More>
  8. Profiles in Sales Management-Part 5: Rep Disappointment - More>
  9. The Quickest Way to Increase Sales - More>
  10. The Merger of Sales Forces-Part 1 - More>
  11. The Merger of Sales Forces-Part 2 - More>
  12. Future Issues in Pharmaceutical Selling - More>
  13. What's Your Blind Spot? - More>
  14. Closing Fears and the Sales Performance Cycle - More>
  15. Training for Bullish Sales - More>
  16. 360 Degree Feedback: Viscious Circle or Vital Link? - More>
  17. Sales Managers: How Would Your Salespeople Rate You? - More>
  18. Customer Focus Ideas for Today's Sales Managers - More>
  19. The Power Behind Consultative Selling - More>
  20. When Sales Slump, Who Do Sales Managers Blame? - More>
  21. Too Bad Most Sales Training Doesn't Work ...And What DOES Work - More>

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