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Systema provides clients with extraordinary information about their customers, competition, sales representatives, other front-line personnel and sales managers. By "extraordinary information" we mean information you can't get any other way, along with tools you need to use it productively.

We bring together skills from a number of different disciplines and focus them, single-mindedly, on the goal of improving your company's sales performance.

Systema has helped companies:

  • Increase sales
  • Reduce turnover of personnel
  • Expand more efficiently
  • Develop people faster and with less down time
  • Reduce training and development costs
  • Generate a significant return on investment
  • Improve selection of sales people and sales managers

Client Testimonials

Systema’s clients are continuously growing and reaping the benefits of the Systema® onTrack® system:

"This Systema program is really helping and working for me by putting my priorities in order. My New Year’s resolution was to focus on my team and this personal development program is helping me fulfill this commitment."

"I am more aware of things I need to work on.”

"This process has helped focus my own development activity”

"The program has basically called my attention to the necessary detail required to be successful as a leader of sales reps"

"I like the participant materials I received, particularly the Action Planner and Resources booklets – since our corporate personal development plans are due soon this is going to help me greatly. It would be good for the District Sales Managers to get profiled as well!”

Regional Pharmaceutical Sales Manager going through Systema® onTrack®:

"After being profiled and getting my plan and goals set on Systema® CoachLink, and working with my accountability coach I have seen incredible results. I have met with 2 new satellite managed care centers to take our product on formulary and I've been coaching my reps which has increased their motivation to sell more product!"

Attendees at Systema Advanced Sales Management Workshop (part of Systema® onTrack®):

"Love the fact that all material is specific and definite and written down for future reference."

"Great discussion because it leverages all the experience in the room."

"Excellent models illustrated."

"Great insight to what they (direct reports and boss) "really" think. Will be very helpful in modifying certain behaviors."

For information on Systema's sales management systems e-mail us at:

We help you take your business where you want it to go!

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