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The Key to Turning
Feedback into Change

Training and feedback are essential to improving the effectiveness of individuals. But unless it is kept alive (through follow-up and coaching), retention is minimal. To reinforce the training and the action plan developed from a feedback process, Systema has developed Systema CoachLink which:

  • Holds people accountable to what they want to accomplish
  • Links goals to specific behaviors
  • Involves the participant, their manager and a professional accountability coach
  • Reminds people of critical dates and events
  • Measures progress frequently
  • Documents the process and accomplishments
  • Aids the participant and their manager in performance management outcomes.

Systema CoachLink is a 12 month web-based accountability coaching system that improves feedback reinforcement with follow-up and action planning success by:

  • Linking goals to specific behaviors
  • Involving a coach and/or a manager
  • Reminding people of critical dates and events
  • Measuring progress frequently through mini surveys and on-going feedback
Read what clients are saying about their recent Systema® CoachLink experience. To learn more about Systema CoachLink, contact Systema Corporation by email at

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