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Consultant Opportunity

Become a Systema Partner

If you are currently in the business of training, sales management or human resource consulting, this may be the opportunity you are looking for.

Systema Corporation is searching for consulting and training companies to partner with us to deliver employee performance improvement services to Fortune 1000 companies in your area. Systema is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing performance improvement companies in the country today. Our business is challenging, exciting and rewarding and the income potential is virtually unlimited.

Our independent partners are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. We are building an expanded family of training professionals, banded to each other by a network of strategic alliances while we make a dramatic impact on the industry.

Our fully integrated services, courses and systems help you build a profitable company for yourself while delivering bottom line results for your clients. Although Systema's own business development organization focuses on the high tech, chemical and health care manufacturing markets for sales performance, our product line is extensive as you can see from surfing our site with products for the Chief Executive Officer's office to the factory floor.

Our network of associates generates exciting growth opportunities for your firm by bringing you national accounts.

  • A modest financial investment will bring you: Marketing strategy consultation
  • Outstanding products
  • Extensive training support for you and your trainers
  • New accounts nationally and internationally
  • A sophisticated lead generation program supplied by Systema
  • Capabilities to tailor course materials
  • A continuing research and development program
  • Increased equity and marketability of your business
  • The national recognition of being associated with a revolution in people performance improvement

If you qualify, Systema Corporation will assist you to grow your business in a way that leverages your strengths while providing you with a new source of national accounts, quality materials, support, training, national affiliation and increased credibility.

Study our web site. Determine how many of our products will reinforce what you are currently selling. For example, if there is a significant list of workshops you conduct, our follow-up assessment products can bring significant benefit to your clients while your revenues increase.

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