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Systema is looking for.... in a word--professionalism. We need people who are confident and want to make a contribution in an environment that recognizes excellence. We want individuals who are dedicated and reliable; who enjoy being in a professional service business. We look for people who want to grow professionally and contribute to a professional organization.

Founded in 1969, Systema Corporation is a recognized leader in maximizing the effectiveness and performance of sales organizations. Our products, processes and programs are developed specifically for the business-to-business sales organization. Our single guiding mission is to increase overall sales organization effectiveness and performance.

Systema anticipates substantial growth

Nothing happens in industry and business until someone sells something...a product, a service or an idea...and helping our client companies improve the ability of their people to influence and lead others is our only business. Our excellent reputation for quality creates new business opportunities for us. We have grown during both recession and economic boom.

We are a dynamic organization; our success is limited only by the abilities of ambitions of our associates. Systema is a company with a future. Systema is looking for dynamic people with backgrounds in the following areas:

  • Psychology
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Psychometrics (advanced degrees)
  • Marketing Sales and
  • Sales Management Communications in all media
  • Instructional Design
  • Writing, editing
  • Consulting in sales performance
  • Administrative support

Interested? Investigate our current opportunities. Select either Full time Professional Staff or Independent Consultant Opportunities.

For information on Systema's sales management systems e-mail us at:

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