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Take Charge™ System

Performance Improvement System
By Jack R. Snader

The pressures are relentless to have a sales and marketing organization ready to meet todays's challenges. Learning cannot be forced or even mandated. Your people need to "take charge" of their own growth and development. You cannot afford to take the time to "spoon feed" them what they need to know. Each person has different needs for personal and professional growth. It is a business imperative that your people continually learn and upgrade their skills if they are to be prepared for the changing times in their future.

Take Charge™ is a performance improvement system for sales and marketing. Each of its four major components drives improvement of influence and persuasion skills in the work place...skills which management research has shown to produce measurable performance improvement.

Take Charge™ ! has helped companies:

  • increase sales
  • reduce turnover of personnel
  • expand more efficiently
  • develop people faster and with less down time
  • reduce training and development costs
  • generate a significant return on investment

The Take ChargeT Rationale:

  • Performance cannot be managed unless it is measured.
  • Information coming from the receiving audience is undeniably true. The perception of this audience is reality!
  • Information from customers (or subordinates, peers) can be the greatest motivating force to improve performance there is, particularly to experienced salespeople and their managers..
  • Individuals must take charge of their own growth....but they need help. People in most professional occupations whose income depends on maximum performance skills, usually have a coach!

The Take ChargeT System:

Puts responsibility where it should be. Your people take charge of their own growth and development

  • Responds to different needs for personal and professional growth. Everybody is different and individualized development actually keeps costs lower and achieves greater results through pin-pointing high return areas for improvement

    Includes Diagnostic Tools to determine unique abilities and inabilities and provides for different assessment tools for different functional areas.

  • Provides Customer/Subordinate/Peer Feedback from people in the best position to assess critical skills.

  • Includes a Management Information System which provides extraordinary information on performance / execution. Like the game films that coaches have. A team cannot be coached if all that is known is the score.

  • Is a prescription for training... a rifle shot approach. Time is spent only on what is needed: efficient, targeted learning.

  • Includes a comprehensive development system.

Distance learning and coaching, plus self and group study assures predictable, measurable performance improvement at lower costs and with greater results than the traditional one-shot. Covers all classroom methods.

Take Charge™ Assures a Measurable Performance Improvement!

Take Charge™ Assures a Measurable Performance Improvement Through the Integration of Four Components:

  1. First Look: Measures a proven model of performance, creates a benchmark to track progress.
  2. Discovery: A development process of insuring that improvement happens.
  3. Search & Learn: Internet / Intranet link to specific competency development.
  4. Look Again: Measures the progress made since First Look was completed.

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