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Comments from Systema® CoachLink participants

My coach has been a tremendous help in my recent development. I look forward to the monthly talks. His experience is a great resource for me to achieve my goals for development.”

“Too often people get some feedback, but don’t know what to do with it, or how to interpret it. I’m very appreciative of my Systema accountability coach to go over my data --- there was a lot of information to digest. The timing of this is perfect since my initial development plan is due next week and now I have the information and tools to do it”.

A comment entered in Systema® CoachLink from a Director to his Manager:

“It is great to see you take advantage of the Systema program we have been involved with as part of your overall development. I look forward to continue working with you on enhancing your already strong skill sets. Particularly as they relate to building a strong team atmosphere, reducing turnover and providing recognition. Keep up the great work and continue to work with your coach and me on these strategies. Keep it going.”

Comments from a regional Sales Manager for a large Pharmaceutical firm on Systema®CoachLink; and his Systema Accountability Coach:

"'The greatest coach on earth' is a strong statement that is not said without thought and articulation. My coach, Bill understands his students' situation, responsibilities and priorities toward their regional representatives, middle management, and upper management. Launching a new product takes precision, execution, attention to detail, and endless hours of teamwork. New spreadsheets are created, new policies implemented and new expectations are completed in a proficient manner."

"With this in mind, Bill not only sees this process but approaches it from a panoramic view point visualizing my 'world' as it turns and spins and tumbles its way into place. He then responds with a logical suggestion with reasonable expectations while you further develop your skills and complete your objectives."

"This allows both participants to approach goals in a realistic manner, encourage each other to complete these goals, and learn from each others experience by mutual respect and good listening skills. A great coach understands ad reacts to your 'real' world situations while together completing company goals, objectives, and strategies."

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